Dear Unity Friend
Unity teaches us that you are not your thoughts; you are the watcher of your thoughts.
When you begin to separate yourself from your thoughts, that is the beginning of deep peace and a state of inner freedom empowering you in your daily life
Reacting to thoughts can lead us into fear, hurt, worry, and stress.
The easiest way to separate from reacting and shifting into hurt and fear is to practice
visualization and affirmative refocusing on something in the here and now,
a simple shifting looking at a flower, a sunrise, taking a deep breath, a hand on your heart
feeling your pulse all just for a moment, a minute. Yes, you will have to do it again and again,
but soon you will go easily to these moments of practice. a practice you can do anywhere.
but faithful, every time your thoughts want to take you into fear, hurt, worry and stress.
You have thoughts but you are not you thoughts, You are a beautiful soul
journeying thru life to learn the lessons of bringing your soul light into every
aspect of your earth life.

In love and light
Dr. Maya


We are so glad you are interested in Unity Church of Montreal where we are committed to our individual spiritual growth and our spiritual growth in the community.

For 2018 we have chosen the theme: “Come up Higher, Realize Your Higher Self.”
Unity believes that we each have the seed of divinity in us and that we are on a journey toward realizing and living that truth.
Unity teaches that you always have a home in Spirit, and you carry it with you always.

Unity is first century Christianity for the 21st century; yet like the spokes of a wagon wheel, we believe that each religion is looking to connect with one God in the center.

We believe that practice in community adds depth to our connection with God and the Divine. We look forward to welcoming you in person!
Our Sunday services offer concepts, ideas, and resources that you will use to enrich your here and now and outstanding joy filled music which opens the heart.


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We are explorers.....and the most compelling frontier of our time is human consciousness. Our Quest is the discovery of vision for humanity, which integrates science and spirituality and in so doing, reminds us of our wholeness and connectedness, not only to each others and to the Earth but to the inner self most particularly.

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