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Nicole Tamaro

Nicole has both a teaching degree and a law degree. For the past twenty five years she has dedicated her life to the study of New thought philosophy from which Unity teachings originated. Nicole lectures, gives courses, holds study groups and offers private spiritual direction in both French and English. She is presently a life and scholastic Coach at the college where she taught for many years. She has dedicated her life to the study of life principles that govern the universe and to the correct application of these principles which inevitable lead to greater awareness and happiness. Her message is the reminder of the sufficiency of the higher self to meet any life circumstances.

Nicole is an ordained Interfaith Minister and blesses us regularly with speaking at our Sunday Services and is serving Unity Church as CoChair and Secretary on the Board of Trustees.






We received word of Rev. Yves Lafontant’s passing on Saturday, Feb. 17th. His wife, Johanne, shared the news that there is no
memorial service here in Montreal. A memorial will be held in the States in the month of May.

Here some words from Lois Chetham, Daily Word department at Unity Village:
Yves began as an affiliate translating and distributing La Parole Quotidienne, the French edition of Daily Word, in 1997
following his work of translating other Unity material including books and booklets into French.
Unity Village is holding production of the May/June issue in order to place notice in the magazine,
honoring Yves and his service to Unity.

We at Unity Church of Montreal are gathering our good thoughts for Yves, seeing him in the light and
are writing cards of loving support for his wife Johanne and family.
Mme Johanne Levesque-Lafontant
103 Seigniory Ave
Pointe Claire, Quebec H9R 1J6

**************************************************** ROGER GIAN
Roger Gian is currently a Life Educator & inspirational Speaker Lurking always was an undercurrent of spiritual yearning.  His trips to India & Nepal drove him to explore the mystical side of life.

Roger has shared this spiritual yearning with us thru his Sunday lessons, but also his
Leadership and competence have been a strong support over the last two year of rebuilding
Unity church. Recently he has agreed to serve an open midterm position on our Board of

Thank you Roger!




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