Dr.Maya Page of Events

My schedule will be clearly announced in the eNewsletter and the website: www.unityofmontreal.org, well in advance.

Accompanying Text Book by Don Miquel Ruiz. The Four Agreements are based on ancient Toltec wisdom, offering a powerful, modern code of conduct, very much in the tradition of Jesus of Nazareth.

We have also added a class time, Tuesdays at 5pm, before the Tuesday Healing Service. This class will be an opportunity to study more in depth the teaching and will focus on ideas and question which are of interest to the attending students.

Come and build a new future. As you and I step up to the call, we are assured the response of Spirit.



As you know, Unity Church of Montreal has been called to begin anew and we invite you to be part of this Renaissance. 
I have asked Wilma Alleyne, President, to write to you more about the challenges before us.

For me, the timing has been truly Spirit's I found myself in Montreal, my old home town, visiting with friends and to celebrate a birthday. It was during those days I was called to offer my resources and skills as your minister for this coming year 2014.

Unity Church of Montreal  has been a multiracial, multilingual and multigenerational church family and the Board and myself have renewed our commitment to serve the vision of renewal. 

I will be with the church every month for two weeks and three Sundays. I have invited Rev. Victor, pastoral care  and Wilma A., Board President and Finances to form a leadership team and when I am not in town, they will share the sunday services and  attend to the prayer and pastoral care needs as well as the Board's work.