It started out innocently enough….It was another Spring day. It was another journey into Jerusalem. But, as the events began to unfold, it became stranger and stranger; almost to the point of being bizarre.

Here He was, the King of Kings, the Son of God, making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Now, if you were His PR person, wouldn’t you have him riding a great white horse with people in front throwing rose petals?
But instead, Jesus rode in on a small colt; a grown man on a small colt. The people, laid palm branches in front of Him shouting: “ Hosanna, Hosanna.
What a journey: That journey led to a trial that was not really a trial and crucifixion and a resurrection. What a special week! And it would be just another significant point in history except there was a message there; the Truth that Jesus taught was this:
What have you ever learned from anger…..except anger?
What have you ever learned from hatred…..except hatred?
What have you ever learned from love….except Love?

About a hundred years ago, a couple made a journey. It started out to be a normal journey. As the events unfolded, it became rather bizarre but the couple was healed. This was Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. And this would have been just another point in history, except they had a message. They had a Truth to tell that has transformed people’s lives. The Truth was:
What have you ever learned from anger……except anger
What have you ever learned from hatred….except hatred
What have you ever learned from love….except love

I want to invite you and myself on the journey of Holy Week
to be with the often bizarre, yet profound tragic and finally miraculous events of Holy Week
Our journey   begins with Palm Sunday right here in the Sanctuary at 11am.
Then every day following, Monday thru Thursday, I will meet with you at 12noon to explore themes such as :By What Authority, Pharisees, Great Commandment,
To Loose your Life. …If you know these things……

On Tuesday night at 6pm I will join Rev. Victor for reflection on true healing and radical wholeness

Thursday evening at 6pm: Burning Bowl/The mark in ash

Friday 12noon to 3pm Jesus’ last words

Easter Sunrise Service in Sanctuary 7am,

Easter Celebration 11am with special Music

What a week right here at Unity Church of Montreal!
The journey is planned and awaiting your presence.

To the best Holy Week ever and may the journey be profound
in its depth and its BLESSINGS

Dr. Maya